Daler Mehndi buys a virtual property in the metaverse and names it “Ball Balle Land”

Daler Mehndi bought a land in the metaverse and like Daler Mehndi he calls it Balle Balle Land. According to a Business Today report, this is India’s first land acquisition in the metaverse. Mehndi launched the area on Holi this year and it will house a store selling NFTs. Balle Balle Land is also home to a golden statue of Daler Mehndi and the area will soon host concerts by him and other artists. “I went with an open mind to PartyNite Metaverse and it was a very rewarding experience…I really enjoyed playing on PartyNite and wanted a permanent presence and so I created Balle Balle Land,” the report quoted Mehndi as saying. . The singer added that his aim of launching Balle Balle Land is to promote Punjabi and Sufi music globally.

Daler Mehndi said Balle Balle Land will help nurture new talents in the field of Punjabi, Sufi, pop and Bollywood music. Speaking of audiences moving into virtual spheres, the singer said he believes the change is here to stay. Social media users are all for a Daler Mehndi revival.

Lately, many Indian celebrities have ventured into the virtual halls of the metaverse. Mehndi said that Balle Balle Land would be integrated with the physical world as much as possible.

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