West Virginia has more than a million unclaimed properties

State Treasurer Riley Moore announced today that his office’s unclaimed property division returned $1.1 million in funds to individuals, businesses and other organizations during the month. of October, continuing a strong trend of returns.

“We have continued our tireless efforts to raise awareness of this program and reconnect people with their lost money – and these strong, ongoing returns show that these efforts are working,” Treasurer Moore said.

The Bureau’s Unclaimed Property Division paid 1,670 claims totaling $1,126,942 during the month of October.

“In September, when we launched the West Virginia Cash Now program, we saw our highest number of returns, and this month we kept that momentum going,” Treasurer Moore said. “With inflation still high and Christmas fast approaching, people need every dollar they can get these days. That’s why we encourage everyone to visit our website, www.wvtreasury .com, to find out if we are holding unclaimed funds on their behalf.

Treasurer Moore’s office has returned record amounts of unclaimed funds in recent months. The Bureau returned $18.6 million in the fiscal year that ended June 30 — the highest annual total in state history. The $5.3 million in September returns, boosted by the launch of the Cash Now program, was the highest monthly total in state history.

Treasurer Moore said his office has more than $300 million in unclaimed property listings for individuals, businesses and other organizations. He encourages everyone to visit today to research and see if they have funds to claim.

More information about the Cash Now program is available at