St. Thomas police warn public of ‘prolific’ property offender

St. Thomas police are warning business owners and townspeople to be on the lookout for a man they describe as a “prolific” property offender.

Kevin George Ashford, 42, of no fixed address, has been released, St. Thomas Police Chief Chris Herridge said in a release notice issued Friday.

Since 2019, Ashford has been charged with 137 offenses related to breaking and entering, possession of stolen property, theft and breaching bail conditions. Fifteen other charges against him are pending.

While numerous criminal charges against Ashford have been dropped by the courts, Herridge said his presence in the community creates significant concern about the possibility of property crimes.

“He shows no respect for the courts or the justice system and blatantly ignores the conditions imposed,” Herridge said. “We ask our community to contact the St. Thomas Police Department if Ashford is observed breaking the law, as we will respond to bring this repeat offender to justice.”

The chief added that without adequate consequences or mandatory pathways to rehabilitation programs, the well-being of the community is at risk, forcing him to issue the release notice.

“It’s my responsibility to make sure I do what I can within the parameters of the law to keep our community safe,” Herridge said. “It’s really a challenge to balance the needs of the victim and support the vulnerable, and police are often caught in the middle. As stated in the Police Services Act, crime prevention is a core function of policing.