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Real estate mogul repositions Desert Estate as a pinnacle for philanthropy

The LuisaViaRoma benefiting UNICEF in St. Barts in January 2022 celebrates the value of fusing charity and star power at the highest level. The coveted and coveted event sends a clear message about the bridge between philanthropy and entertainment, and how celebrities are increasingly keen to get involved in charitable causes.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of many celebrities who attended the UNICEF gala and supported the event’s mission to help children around the world. Italian retailer LuisaViaRoma has partnered with the organization for several years to host fundraisers and events with high profile guest lists and donors.

This year marked the fifth fundraising event co-hosted by the two organizations, and it raised 4 million euros ($4.1 million). Collectively, throughout the gala’s history, 13 million euros ($13.1 million) have been raised to support UNICEF’s philanthropic efforts. UNICEF has always been passionate about collaborating with celebrities, entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals and businesses with a shared commitment to charitable causes.

A three-night stay at Zenyara in Indio, Calif., was auctioned off to DiCaprio. Zenyara is the brainchild of Michael H. Scott, a real estate mogul with ties to Hollywood’s elite, who has established himself as someone well known for setting high standards for generosity.

The billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist opens the curtains behind his famous 70-acre Zenyara estate, which has hosted famous activities and charity functions for several years. The unique architectural desert property has served as the backdrop for events hosted by a host of philanthropic organizations, ranging from UNICEF to Los Angeles’ Baby2Baby, and continues to be a haven and sanctuary for celebrities. like Leonardo DiCaprio, Vanessa Bryant, and other A-Listers visiting the Palm Springs area. Two months after the UNICEF auction, Scott gifted the exclusive estate to One Republic, which performed a pre-Coachella charity show. But despite the star power that Zenyara attracts, Scott’s greatest passion and mission remains the pinnacle of philanthropic events and the charitable funds he generates through property rentals.

Needless to say, the real estate mogul practices what he preaches and has changed Zenyara’s purpose over the years. Being intentional in its approach has changed public perception of the property, which was once known for its opulent parties, attended by Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa, but is now celebrated for its philanthropic efforts.

Scott, the mobile home park magnate and managing partner of Kort & Scott Financial Group, who was on Forbes’ billionaire list in the past, believes that knowledge and opportunity should be passed on as someone goes. one grows in its respective sector.

“I think it’s vital for someone to be more successful that they diversify and focus on developing future generations,” Scott said. “Becoming a vital cog and helping those in need in society shouldn’t be seen as a chore, it’s a responsibility.”

Other leaders from a host of industries, but most notably Hollywood, have also used their platforms to reposition themselves and their businesses in 2022. Producer Dan Lin, known for films such as Aladdin, The Lego Movie , Sherlock Holmes, and Godzilla vs. Kong, is launching a nonprofit backed by multiple institutions — including the Ford and MacArthur foundations — that will help radicalized groups create, develop, and produce films, audio projects, and television series. Lin, whose nonprofit arm of the company, Rideback Rise, runs this venture, joins Scott in setting an example for other entertainment leaders.

Jeff Bezos also announced in an interview with CNN on Monday, November 14 that he would donate the bulk of his $124 billion over his lifetime, telling the conference, “The hard part is figuring out how do it with leverage”. Bezos continued: “It’s not easy. Build Amazon
was not easy. It took a lot of hard work, a very smart group of teammates, hard-working teammates, and I find – and I think Lauren finds the same thing – that charity, philanthropy, is very similar.

From the perspective of the entertainment industry founder and CEO of film and TV company Rideback, Lin said, “There is no shortage of talented and diverse creators, artists and entrepreneurs,” “The the only shortage is the opportunity, the funding and the risk-taking that has always existed at the center of this Hollywood content machine. We are truly committed to breaking through these restricted access points, expanding the funnel, and enabling more color creatives. »

“What Dan does should be applauded and used as inspiration for others.” said Scott. “Philanthropy initiatives in the entertainment industry are more important than ever.”

“I have pivoted the use of the Zenyara estate so that it is not just used for recreational and social activities to focus more on charitable events and functions,” Scott explained. “It was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I hope more people focus on what they can give back, especially in the times we live in now.”

While Zenyara was always an obvious choice for star-studded parties, Scott understood there was a more impactful opportunity at stake to make a difference. “Giving back to the world is one of my greatest missions, and I feel the greatest sense of purpose and accomplishment,” Scott noted, further sharing that Warren Buffet and Bill Gates’ “Giving Pledge” project fueled his enthusiasm for philanthropy. “I aspire to give others the opportunity to succeed and participate in supporting and accelerating their journey.”