House hunters can pay 25% more for a “green property…

Forget the “race for space” or room for an extension, should agents start highlighting the green features of a seller’s property more?

A study by Admiral Money found that buyers may be willing to pay up to a quarter more for a property with a decent energy performance certificate.

A survey of 2,000 people by the loan provider found that three out of four buyers are influenced by energy-saving features when buying a property, with people saying they would pay 24% more for homes with an energy performance rating (EPC) of C or higher. .

Concerns about EPC ratings top the minds of buyers, with 67% saying they would ask to see the EPC rating before buying a property and a further 35% saying they would be put off by the purchase of an older property due to concerns about its energy efficiency.

The analysis also claims that green or green features can increase a property’s value by up to 25% in some cases.

He analyzed the sale prices agreed on Rightmove in 13 cities with homes that featured green keywords, including solar, heat pumps, insulation, triple glazing, low carbon and beehive.

He then compared prices with similar homes that did not have these features.

Based on this, the research describes solar panels as the best green investment for sellers, adding 25% to the value of their homes.

The second most valuable investment was insulation, as homes with this feature sold for 22% more than similar properties in the same area.

Heat pumps have also been found to add up to 10% to property value.

It is unclear if there were other features of these properties or the context around the sale that also drove up their price.

Scott Cargill, UK CEO of Admiral Money, commented: “Forget curbside appeal – for those of us who own or buy, it’s all about green appeal.

“It is encouraging to see that more and more of us are becoming eco-responsible when buying our homes, particularly due to environmental pressures and saving energy. This demand clearly has an impact on property values.

Green investment

% average increase in value compared to similar properties in the same area

Solar panels




Heat pumps


Hive/intelligent systems


Triple glazing