Few people arrested for damage to the property of elected representatives of the people

On May 9, another group of people who damaged the houses and properties of people’s representatives in various parts of the island were arrested.

Three suspects were arrested for burning down the Hokandara house and the property of MP Wimal Weerawansa. They are residents of the Hokandara region. They were arrested by officers from the South West Province Criminal Division.

A suspect involved in the incident of damaging the house and property of MP Premanath C Dolawatta in Upper Bomiriya area has also been arrested. He is a resident of the Bomiriya region.

A suspect involved in the incident of burning down and destroying MP Sumit Udukumbura’s house was also arrested yesterday. The MP’s house which was located in the Bogahalanda Hiriala neighborhood of the Gokarella Police Estate was also completely destroyed. A wanted suspect has been arrested in the Malsiripura area.

Three suspects wanted for attacking and burning down the house of parliamentarian Ms. Kokila Harshani Gunawardena and stealing the official uniforms of police officers on duty have also been arrested. They were arrested by Mirigama police in Mirigama area.

Meanwhile, a suspect who raided the house of Kuliapitiya Regional Council member, Mr. Sarath Idunil Kumaratunga and damaged the property has also been arrested. It was in the Kirindava region.

Two suspects wanted for attacking and burning down the house of Mahara Pradeshiya Sabha member Ms Anusha Dilrukshi were also arrested last night. It is in the regions of Suriyapaluwa and Kandaliyadda Paluwa. The police also recovered stolen police uniforms and parts of official uniforms.