Downtown residents raise new concerns over sister property Ely Walker Lofts

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – For months now, News 4 has reported on the countless ongoing problems at Ely Walker Lofts in downtown St. Louis. Now residents of a property across the street, run by the same company that runs the Ely Walker Condominium Board, are raising their own concerns.

“People don’t feel safe here. I don’t feel safe here,” Lexi Devereaux said.

Devereaux has only been living in the Art Loft apartments for a few months. She said she was fed up with the management since moving in.

“I saw a couple of cars broken into and shot inside the parking lot,” said fellow resident Justin Richards.

Car break-ins, shootings near their apartment and more.

“Floods, plumbing and cockroaches are everyday,” said Kelly Jurotich, a former resident.

All of these concerns come directly from former and current residents of Art Loft. Therefore, these lofts are sister property to Ely Walker Lofts, which News 4 investigated last year.

“It’s infuriating because, I mean, you see it’s a systemic issue across all of their properties and then they try to buy more properties and nobody listens to us. This is not how people should live,” Jurotich said.

Residents let News 4 into Art Loft on Sunday, where we saw potential mold on the walls, erosion throughout the building, and what residents said was an outdated and frequently broken elevator.

“Firefighters and rescuers always come here. Last week they came here three or four times because people were getting stuck in the elevator,” Devereaux explained.

The tenants showed us several videos of St. Louis firefighters outside their building and working on their elevator. A video, from Oct. 19, shows firefighters working to rescue a resident from the building’s dumbwaiter, a secondary elevator residents said management told them to use while their primary elevator was down. during weeks.

“I don’t feel safe in it. I got stuck between two floors once,” Richards said.

News 4 found a sign next to the freight elevator that read, “Not for public use. Please use the passenger elevator in front of the building.

“It seems like the owners of the building don’t know or don’t care, and it looks like I’m wasting my money,” Richards added.

Tenants said they thought some of the issues could be fixed by management, but they didn’t despite dozens of maintenance requests.

“There are so many inconveniences here that can be avoided if maintenance and management understand there are issues and deal with them appropriately,” Devereaux said.

Over the past month, St. Louis city leaders filed a lawsuit against Ely Walker Lofts. Now Art Loft residents have said they want the same.

“I want our voices to be heard, and I want the whole town to understand how these people are treating us, it’s not right. It’s not the downtown experience I wanted to have when I lived here,” Devereaux explained.

News 4 has contacted STL CityWide, who manage this property, but have not heard back.