CBD mega venue Porter House will open in a sprawling Victorian property on Castlereagh Street

Sydney’s latest mega restaurant opens on Castlereagh Street next week, with Porter House slipping into a sprawling Victorian building that has stood unused for decades.

Former Fish Butchery head chef Emrys Jones will oversee Porter House as executive chef, including Dixson & Sons. The restaurant is named after the merchant family who worked in the building. Henry’s Bread and Wine will open on the ground floor.

Despite his Welsh name, Jones says there will be “no Welsh rare bit on the menu”. But there will be plenty of local NSW produce.

Dixson & Sons has a six meter veined marble bar. Photo: Steven Woodburn

While Dixson & Sons will be rooted in French technique, there will also be some Asian touches. The chef will dress the steak tartare with a smoked soy vinaigrette and dried egg yolk, while the beef tenderloin will be brushed with wasabi before being wrapped in duxelles, nori and a sour cream batter. , served with creamy Paris mash and miso eggplant mash, their spin on beef Wellington.

Dixson & Sons, which features a six-metre veined marble bar, brass details and tan leather upholstered furniture, will also provide a large part of Henry’s all-day menu.

“We’ll do all the sandwiches upstairs,” the chef says of the Henry’s menu, which will also include a pain au lait stuffed with poached shrimp, fennel and cocktail sauce.

CBD mega venue Porter House opens in a sprawling Victorian property that has sat unused for decades.

CBD mega venue Porter House opens in a sprawling Victorian property that has sat unused for decades. Photo: Steven Woodburn

Sustainability will be widely publicized at Porter House. Asparagus toppings will be pressed and fermented, leftover orange peel will be made into syrups, the outer leaves of cabbage roasted at Dixson & Sons will be used to make sauerkraut for sandwiches at Henry’s Bread and Wine. Jones says the plan is to break down whole animals.

With two floors of private dining rooms and function spaces, Porter House is like a TARDIS – bigger on the inside than it looks.

As well as being connected to neighboring Porter House Hotel Sydney, Dixson & Sons and Henry’s Bread and Wine will be joined later in the year by Spice Trader Bar on the top floor.

Henry’s Bread and Wine is open Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sat-Sun 7am-8pm.

Dixson & Sons opens for breakfast daily, Thurs through Friday 5-9:30pm, Saturday 5-9:30pm.

203 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 02 8236 8888,