A Viennese owner agrees to repair a dilapidated house

On Nov. 1, Fairfax County supervisors indefinitely postponed spot-burn abatement measures proposed for a dilapidated home at 1724 Beulah Road in Vienna.

“Breaking news on this one,” supervisor Walter Alcorn (D-Hunter Mill) said. “The owner is moving forward with obtaining permits to remedy the situation.”

Built in 1959, the one-story ranch-style home has been vacant since 2016 and its back door was forced open and its windows smashed, county officials said. The condition of the house deteriorated and the property was the site of an illegal dumping, they said.

Due to the council’s postponement, the county will not move forward with proposed plans to bulldoze the house and recoup demolition costs from the owner.


Supervisors can reconvene the public hearing (after required publicity) at a later date if the owner does not follow through with corrective action, Alcorn said.

However, two other properties in the county will undergo localized burn reduction measures. At the same meeting, supervisors approved restoration efforts for homes located at 12839 Lee Highway in the Fairfax area and 6120 Hillview Ave. in the Alexandria area.