A real estate data company upgrades the agency…

Real estate data specialist Sprint has updated its comparison tool functionality for agents.

The updated version allows users to manually add comparables, for example by adding off-market homes or new builds to those already available on the platform.

The new comparables also include square foot and lease term.

Agents can now add their own comments to specific properties so they can fully customize reports and highlight property-specific information when providing comparables to an appraiser, seller or potential buyer.

Matt Gilpin, Managing Director of Sprift, said: “While there have been significant innovations in many areas of the proptech industry recently, there have not been major changes in terms of comparables for many years. years.

“However, for any professional operating in the real estate sector, comparables are today one of the most important tools of the trade.

“The feedback we have received over the past few months from our user base indicates that now, due to complex market conditions, comparison reports have become more valuable than ever.


“By listening to the needs of our agents and understanding which features they would find most useful, we designed a new set of features developed specifically to meet the needs of our users and in doing so, we upgraded our platform. -existing shape, the best in its class. ”

Gilpin said the ability to instantly generate comparables based on £sqft will be particularly relevant for agents working in key central London and country house markets, while the comments feature will be useful for agents to better communicate their local expertise on market assessments.

He added: “By providing users with the functionality to customize their reports and manually upload details of properties they have sold themselves and which have not yet been added to HM Land Registry records, for example , agents can generate the most up-to-date. set of possible comparable dates, which is particularly useful to support valuations for mortgage purposes when other recent sales are not yet on official records.

“Sprift continues to innovate, based on valuable feedback from all of our users, our powerful new comparison tool continues the evolution of our platform, with even more to come as we continue to deliver on our ambitious roadmap. In the coming months.”